Search the Father of my Husband !!!

Hello Dear, by the German website of NetMoms I came here, maybe you can help me (us) to help

My husband and I look for his father. Since he is not in Austria, which is quite large probability that he is staying in Spain (Yeah I know Spain is huge, and no we have not any exact place) I also know it would be to find a needle in a haystack probably easier ... . but we have nothing to lose :-)

Sun .. to finish my question ... maybe there is someone of you has the Kontankt to someone in Spain? (friends, family) or living in Spain itself. HAZARDS there. Maybe someone knows of your people even his father or their friends or acquaintances ... or someone from the Spanish newspaper.?

Well I know the whole thing is very difficult ... but if someone in such a situation was before ... then you may understand how difficult it is

love greetings and thank you for any serious answer :-)

(Spanish Embassy, we have already sent a mail ... but it takes so long time :-(.)

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nobody here who can help? :-(
Hello, I think is a too much difficult thing to do. I can't understand what exact you want..... Hat the Man a Name?? When flew he to Spain? How old is he? With no Information ist anything to do...
If you with google translate writes, can't nobody exactly understand what do you whant. Sorry
hi the name of the man is Kurt Weidlich and his birthday the 10.11.1950 I know is with the translator it is very hard but I speak no Spanish. We do not know when his father go to spain but we suspect that he is now in Spain. but we do not know exactly where
It is sehr difficult. I think you need very good luck. Sorry.
Imposible darling in Spain live a lot of people from Europa
Vaya...parece que algo ha salido mal. Por favor, vuelve a cargar la página o inténtalo de nuevo más tarde.